About Us

Established in 2012, Western States Fire Equipment is dedicated to servicing the communities in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Below is our core group of Fire Professionals who have dedicated the careers to providing the best equipment and apparatus to our customers.

Western States Fire Equipment is part of the Velocity Vehicle Group, the premier commercial truck provider in the country. This provides unprecedented resources that are leveraged to best support you, our customer. This unique partnership allows us to work on both the Fire Truck itself, and also the Engine, Transmission, Axles and Chassis Equipment. This means that you can bring your apparatus to one place to be diagnosed and repaired, no matter what it may need. And in addition to that, we have the largest stock of repair and replacement parts in the region on our shelves ready to go.

Contact Us

Main Office: 623-907-9900

Main Fax: 623-907-6403

Our Employees
Larry Hines
Western States Parts Sales Rep
Dave Leas
Western States Sales Engineer
Ernie Pugh
Western States Parts Sales Rep
Chad Horne
Western States Apparatus Sales Rep
Randy Synstad
Western States Account Manager
Tim Noeding
Western States Apparatus Sales Manager
Steve Hagerla
Western States Account Manager
Dean Carriger
Western States Fire Apparatus Sales